April 18, 2024

There are certain design ‘rules’ that most of us go by when curating our personal spaces. Interiors in neutral palettes and muted tones have been having a moment for a while now, especially for small spaces. It’s the perception that they are more calming, comfortable, and easy on the eye and most of us find it safer to gravitate towards them. It’s the thought that a smaller space needs light colors to make it appear bigger. Equally when it comes to furniture there’s the conception that larger pieces only suit a large space, and vice versa. 

The tour of Justin Charette’s Gramercy Park apartment is a breath of fresh air. It will make you reconsider the ‘rules’ you might have been following and show you how you can create a sense of space, light, and grandness by thoughtfully curating your colors and furniture even if you don’t live in the largest of homes. 


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